The rise of sex robots

The Guardian has released a video about the rise of sex robots:


Some keywords in the video quickly picked by me as most interesting are : companionship, vaginal inserts, Autoblow 2- pleasure system for men, robot orgasm -> robogasm, robot ethicist. After all, this new industry is about making money, triggered by demand and supply. There is no right or wrong. If one of my friends owns a sex robot, I will not laugh at him but thumb up for him because he works hard and gives up a lot of things to save that large amount of money.


Search IP address 23.75.345.200

What the hell is this movie "The Net" filmed in 1995. Search IP address 23.75.345.200 and the generic TLD "wrld". How come a IP address could map to an email address. Anyway, it can be viewed in Netflix.


Donald Trump Phishing

Donald Trump phishing, I am not surprised at this old trick.  This name is so good to use to lure email clicking for spreading malware.  What I have received lately include “Donald Trump quits”, “Donald Trump assassinated”,  “Donald Trump’s sex scandal” and many more. 



港人之恥 : 3名香港年輕女子徐佩沂(25歲)、莊雅文(22歲)及廖嘉明(21歲),平安夜於台灣台北上引水產市場偷走牡丹蝦、鮑魚等高價海產,躲在廁所內狂食。


全家三口,除一票 IT 功能組別外,其餘五票跟戴耀廷雷動指示。一生人未試過在選舉上賭到咁大,天佑戴教授。勿笑,不喜勿插。完 !


Seagate 硬碟機, 永世都不會再買

Seagate 硬碟機,無論內置或可攜,永世都不會再買,送比我也不會要。講完!


Involved !

Don't use the word "involved" in your resume like "I was involved in managing the IT risks of an international bank". I could not guess what you were doing based on the word "involved". Please be specific. Got it????



政網 : 換特首 ! 我這一票比硬你了.



"Fuck" is not an offensive word so long as you know how to use it wisely. I use it more than 10 times a day.

Some people not even worth to be fucked or worth to fuck.  These people are all around at our workplace. Worth to fuck or worth to be fucked, that's the question I always ask.



In just half year, I've got 54 CPEs. It is not difficult for me to complete the remaining 66 CPEs in the coming two and a half years. So as I always say, the CPE mandate should not be seen as a hardship, rather it is a drive to excel ourselves to new insight.



Not more crazy complaint on this - IGMP traffic inside a network segment is not attack traffic. It is a form of legitimate traffic.


p=reject in DMARC policy

Give a big hand to Yahoo and Paypal for their "p=reject" in DMARC policy.

[root@localhost ~]# dig -t txt _dmarc.yahoo.com +short
"v=DMARC1\; p=reject\; pct=100\; rua=mailto:dmarc_y_rua@yahoo.com\;"
[root@localhost ~]# dig -t txt _dmarc.paypal.com +short
"v=DMARC1\; p=reject\; rua=mailto:d@rua.agari.com\; ruf=mailto:dk@bounce.paypal.com,mailto:d@ruf.agari.com"


Network Geek

Address and physical address can mean very different things in the minds of network geeks.


Goodbye Sendmail !

Goodbye Sendmail. You had been with me since 1998. Thanks for serving me for the past 18 years.  

Your rock stable performance should surprise the Internet technical community.  However, I need something more versatile, administrator-friendly and easy to debug.  


Bluetooth Tethering

I suppose all people who have multiple smartphones and tablets know how to do Bluetooth tethering.  This is important because WiFi tethering can not be done in some prepaid data cards.


misuse of high gain antennas

I want to kill myself for making a silly mistake. My ASUS router supports dual bands and 802.11ac. However, I use 8 dBi high gain antennas which suit the 2.4 GHz band only. While the signal strength in the garbage 2.4 GHz band is boosted to - 30 dBm, the 5 GHz signal strength is weakened significantly. That is why all my 802.11ac client devices perform poorly. I promise myself not to commit such mistake in future.


Netflix over IPv6

Neflix streaming content is delivered to my desktop PC over IPv6. Applaud, what a great technological mindset !



大件事,有重要資料存放於 encrypted notepad, 但忘記刷卡解鎖模式。記密碼、記 PIN、 記模式等太煩了,莫非所有涉及加密嘅應用程式都要用指紋解鎖或現創科局長所用嘅口水解鎖嗎?





IPv6 Forever

PCCW offers me a /56 prefix. At first, I thought it was /64 only. A bit of surprise. All my home PCs arenow  riding on IPv6 and also smartphones if the connection is via my home WiFi. From now on, I am accessing all major big websites (Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook etc) with IPv6 having IPv4 as fallback. Anyway, this comes to me a bit late.