Visual wget

Wget is great. Visual wget is even more powerful and user-friendly. I don't need to remember the wget command syntax.

Visual wget can be download from:


wget for Windows

Those who have used Linux will find wget very powerful in retrieving files from web and ftp sites. It will be great if the wget command can be used in Windows.

Previously, I tried two versions of wget for Windows. They did NOT work at all until I find the GNU Wget 1.9.1 for Windows. This is so great that I intend to recommend to all my friends that have experience in both Linux and Windows.


Live CD OS

The 1st live CD I tried is Knoppix 3.1, back in Aug 2004. Really fantastic. All hardwares in my test station were supported (LAN, display card, sound card and USB).

Gnoppix also attracts me very much. The desktop screen is very beautiful.

I think I like Gnoppix more than Knoppix. However, Gnoppix has not reached the public release stable 1.0 version.

Hm... I almost forget to say that both Knoppix and Gnoppix are developed from Debian.

One thing important when playing live CD OS is to have USB memory (256 MB or 512 MB) for storing your personal profile, config and working files.



What is the difference between 802.11a and 802.11h ?

802.11a works in the 5150 - 5350 MHz and 5725 - 5850 MHz bands in the 5 GHz range.

For 802.11h, it must be in the 5470 - 5725 MHz with dynamic frequency selection.

Obviously, due to the complicated hardware and software designs, the costs of 802.11h products will be higher than 802.11a. For me, as 802.11a, 802.11g and 802.11h all operate with 54 Mbps, there is virtually no difference to me. If I have to choose, I will not pick 802.11g which operates in the highest noise 2.4 GHz band. 802.11a in the lower 5 GHz band looks good to me as this band is quite clean.

backup MP3 player files

Any body has attempted to backup the system files of an MP3 player.

It's important to do so. My peanut MP3 player has lost all fonts, English or Chinese. No hints to rescue the problem. I think I will start with another MP3 player and try to learn the file architecture to understand which directories and files are for what purposes.


VOIP WiFi Phone

I am still thinking of using VoIP service to replace the traditional narrowband copper-wire telephone service.

I already have a WiFi access point at home. It sounds great to me if VoIP WiFi phone can be hooked up with the VoIP network. This certainly brings me the convenience of mobility at home in a way similar to cordless phone .



To avoid getting spywares installed on my desktop PC, I have forced my wife and son not to use IE. Anyway, I have hidden the IE executable program.

People might ask why don't you just delete the IE. I can not do so because IE is integrated with Windows XP, the damn operating system of Microsoft. Strange things will happen if IE is purposely deleted.

Hmm.... as a further reminder, I need to stick an noIE logo on the 17 inch monitor.


Animated GIFs on Blog

Can we place animated GIFs on blog pages ?

I think the answer is yes.

Actually, images you seen on blog pages are coming from URLs. They will not be stored in the blog server.

Just take a look at this :


This is a note to remind me to see 陳慧琳“紙醉金迷演唱會”show on 27 December 2004, Monday.

Kelly's last show "飛天舞會" was really fantastic. One of the best I have ever seen. She played almost three hours non-stop. The real attraction was a flying Kelly hanging 40 feet above ground in Hong Kong Coliseum.


BitTorrent download

Any body hear about the Chinese name of BitTorrent download ?

It is terribly translated as 變態下載.

Its funny, right !

The key focus of BT file distribution is to make use of the unused upload capacity of others to make peer-to-peer connections.

Anyway, for those who plans to use BT download, after you have download a copy, please remember to stay on the Net so that other people can use your surplus upload banwdith for their files download.

USB file transfer cable and RJ45 cable

The cost of a USB file transfer cable is HK$100.

I prefer to use RJ45 to make a network file sharing which of course, can also be used for copying files.

When I shop around in Sham Shui Po or Wan Chai, I always see RJ45 cables selling at HK$ 20 - 40. I am sure the cost is less than HK$10. Oh yeah....what a great profit to sell computer accessories !!!


6-in-1 USB card reader

I use an internal 6-in-1 USB card reader that fits a floppy drive slot for mounting inside a tower case. Whenever XP boots up, 6 drives are added. It is not convenient to use. Try to mount this device with USB socket at the back. Whenever I need to use it, just plug an USB cable back to back linking this socket to another USB socket. Seems I have solved the problem.

ipod Mini

My ipod Mini is running out of storage space. I have used up 2.6 Gbytes . There remains about 1 Gbytes left. I still have a lot of MP3 to input.

Hmmm... I should plan to buy a 20Gbyte ipod.

Can not connect to Mozilla web sites

This evening, I can not access Mozilla web site to download the official release of Firefox. Guess there is already a huge traffic around the world to download Firefox. I am afraid that the situation will continue for several weeks up to several months.

Long live Mozilla ! Long live Firefox ! Long live Thunderbird !


Mandrake 10.1

Yesterday, I went to Sham Shui Po and bought a copy of Mandrake 10.1.

Still can not find time to try it out.

In Mandrake 10.0, the Chinese fonts were awful.

One common weakness in all Linux desktop versions is browser plugins. It takes you at least one or two hours to handle plugins like Realplayer, Java, Macromedia Flash, pdf etc. Of course, the most difficult one is mplayer. It involves a large number of libraries which are scattered throughout many directories. Mozplayer should be better. I have onced succeded in use mozplayer. Just forgot how to do it once again. I did not jot down any notes last time.

May be Blogger can help me. I do not like to write on a piece of paper or a writing book. How can I search if the info is on paper.

Google acquired Blogger

Just hear some one said that Google has already taken over the business of Blogger. That's a great news to me. I have confidence in Google.Think it this way. Can any ISP in this planet provide users with 1 Gigabyte email storage with no charge. Wonder how Google gets its money ??

Firefox 7 million download

By now, there are already over 7 million download counts for Firefox PR1.0. Mozilla has not announced the official release date. Guess it will be 9 Nov 2004. Wait two more days.

zip a large number of files recursively

I forget how to zip all files and sub-directory contents into one single file.

Upon searching my archive, it should be :

#zip -r allzip .

One thing to remember is that after the unzip process, the file permissions and attributes are retained.

I have once used this method to rescue my server.

Another common tool to accomplish this taks is "tar".

Firefox Updates

I have installed Firefox RC1.02 Chinese version. Two special plugins attracted me, fireftp and Mozilla sunbird. Sunbird gives me an electronic calendar which is similar to Outlook. Fireftp has all functions that are found ws_ftp client.

Well done, Mozialla foundation. Keep up with the good work.


Warren Kwok's blog

Warren Kwok's blog is opened now !


Dear all,

I am testing the functions of blogger.

The URL given to me is warrenkwok.blogspot.com.