My expectations on IE 7.0

These are what I expect in IE 7.0

1. support PNG graphics
2. compliance with W3C standards
3. anti-phishing
4. anti-spyware
5. built-in RSS news feed
6. tab-browsing
7. support International Domain Name
8. Anti-popup
9. More .....

Forget all these things that Microsoft has never promised to give us. This is just a dream.


RSS Feeds Toolbar for IE

As far as I can tell, this is the only RSS toolbar for IE. With primitive features offered, it can not be called a full RSS reader. Anyway, as we don't know when Microsoft will release IE 7.0, we still need to use this toolbar to read RSS news in IE environment.


港燈加價 7.2 %

港燈盈利豐厚,還要宣佈來年加價 7.2 %,可恥,這是政府利潤管制之禍害。數云云眾多公用事業機構之中,港燈算得上是最無良。


Hongkong Post e-cert

According to a recent business review conducted by the Government, the operation of the Hongkong Post e-cert is not commerically sustainable. There is a need to transfer the operation to business entities. The Government is now inviting Request for Proposal from the private sector to run this service. If no organization is interested, the e-cert service will be completed stopped by 2008. By that time, we will have to buy our e-cert from overseas Certificate Authority. What a pity then !!


.asia top level domain

ICANN has approved the .asia top level domain for use in Asian countries. In fact, Asian counties such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have jointed together to press ICANN to release this top level domain for 2 years. Their argument is that currently all top level domains (.com, .net. .edu. .org etc) except country code top level domains (.hk, .cn) are perceived as Western-based and yet over 60 % of the world’s population and 90 languages reside in Asia.

Corporations having up their businesses in Asian countries could just use a single domain name abc.com.asia instead of having abc.com.hk, abc.com.cn. abc.com.tw and abc.com.sg registered with the domain name registration bodies of individual countries. I think .asia domain will bring benefits to both SMEs and corporations in this region.

The .asia domain will be opened for registration in the 2nd quarter of 2006.



12月4日爭取普選大遊行,她終於站了出來,有人說她想撈政治本錢,這又何況,政治本質就是一場 show。



.hk Trial Chinese Domain Name

The free trial of Chinese domain name offered by HKDNR will expire by 29 Dec 2005. The official launch of Chinese domain name ending with .hk will be in the 3rd quarter of 2006.

During the 6-month trial period, I had not found any noticeable failure of HKDNR name server. The only disappointment to me is that it can not be used in Firefox. For IE, a plugin is required. For Opera, it already supports such feature.

There is no doubt that Opera is the leading browser to support Chinese domain names.