國際唱片協會(IFPI)終於說出那22位將被追討侵權行為的人士是使用 WinMX,從今天起,相信再沒有網民有膽量使用該點對點音樂共享軟件,以免被追討賠償。


11 billion fine on spammer

A famous US spammer named James McCalla has been fined 11 billion by US court for sending 280 million unsoliticed email messages. The spammer has also been banned from using the Internet for three years.

It is unlikely that the spammer will be able to pay the fine. Anyway, the court order has a significance. It gives out a strong signal that the anti-spam law can make firms engaged in spamming activity out of business.


Class A Network

Prefix 44 ( in Class A network has been allocated to radio amateurs more than twenty years ago. It is named as the AMPRNet "Amateur Packet Radio Network". Within the Class A network, Hong Kong has been allocated the sub-network There are 1500 licensed amateur hobbyists and each of them can have 43 routable IP addresses to use. Woo… what a generous gift !


陳慧琳紙醉金迷演唱會 VCD

我等正東唱片公司出版這演唱會的 VCD 足足等了一年,但也是值得的。 Rave Party Medley 一幕最精彩,有張國榮的 standup、無心睡眠、Monica,再加梅艷芳的夢伴及林子祥的亞里巴巴,混入Kelly 三首經典跳舞快歌 (花花宇宙,戀愛情色,失憶周末),正到卑呀!


Embedded 3G in ACER Notebook

Acer has announced to integrate 2.5G and 3G mobile chip sets into its future notebook PCs. This will faciliate users to connect to the Internet via existing cellular netrworks without additional cards or accessories.

Wooo, the decision comes a bit late. 2.5G and 3G have already been proven as mature technologies and have become popular. It is odd to see notebook vendors acting too late in response to customer demand.


Zeus web server

This is a very high performance web server run under Unix/Linux capable of supporting tens of thousands concurrent connections. In fact, Zeus web server has been in the market for many years. The standard price for this web server software package is 1100 sterling. Not expensive at all if we want to build a mission critical web site.


AOL SPAM Statistics

These figures are reported in Yahoo ! News about SPAM blocked by AOL :

Total SPAM blocked in 2005 : half trillion

SPAM blocked per day: 1.5 billions

No. of users : 26 million

Percentage of email received regarded as SPAM : 80 %

Using various SPAM blocking and filtering, AOL users received 75 % less junk mail since 2003

Waaaaa, good work, my congratulations to AOL....


Science in the Public Service

Today I attended the opening ceremony of the Sicence in the Public Service Exhibition. My department hosted a booth featuring online quiz, VoIP, WLAN and broadband TV for demos. Our theme is broadbad Internet services in Hong Kong.

I toured around the booths of other departments. Haha....., CAD's exhibit was most attractive. The entire console for air traffic control was put on show. Hey, that was not a live system. .The radar pictures were pre-stored and were played back through an off-line video server.

I will stay at the Central Library till 17 Jan to answer questions on broadband raised by visitors.



今個農曆年令旅行社賺大錢,短線團加一千元左右,長線團則加到二三千。雖則如此,但幾乎所有旅行團都爆滿。小弟曾往永安、康泰及新華旅行社,本希望報名參加128 – 30 日期間往北海道五天團,可惜連一個空缺都無。經濟並無實質增長,打工仔還未有人工加,百思不得其解,為何小市民仍樂於外遊消費呢 ?



(Hoodia Gordonii) 是世上最神奇的食品,吃少許便能夠影響大腦控制飢餓感,減低食慾。喀拉哈利沙漠中的部落Bushman原住民(電影上帝也瘋狂中的原住民)在沙漠中長途狩獵時,因為沒有食物來補充體力,會食用蝴蝶仙人掌的果肉,以它來增加飽足感,生津止渴。 這將是痴肥一族的救星 !