Change of IP Address for L root nameserver

How many system administrators perform checking of IP addresses of the 13 root nameservers if they have DNS running. At least this should be checked on an annual basis.

I have Bind installed in several Linux box and yet the named.ca file is dated back to Jan 29, 2004. It is now 2007 but can you imagine there will no be change in IP addresses of the root nameservers. No, the latest named.ca has a date stamp of 1 Nov 2007. On further comparison, the IP address of L root name server is altered :


Instead of downloading the new file, it will be easier to type the correct IP address in the appropriate position in that file.


How big a tar file can be

For those that need to use tar for tape backup, a generic question that they will ask is how big a tar file can be ? According to some online research, for Kernel version higher than 2.4.0 supporting Large File System, the maximum size of a tar file is 2TB. I think this is big enough for any enterprise backup applications. If I have a tape drive supporting 400 GB per tape, I will have to use 5 tapes.

Can we have such powerful backup tool in Windows OS ? Probably not.....