funs with zdump

Want to find the current time of places in other zone ? zdump is the answer.

# zdump Japan
Japan Mon Dec 17 11:31:55 2007 JST

If the place contains two words like San Francisco, New Zealand etc, an underscore is to be inserted in between

#zdump New_Zealand
New_Zealand Mon Dec 17 02:33:58 2007 New_Zealand

This is quite a handy and helpful tool.


Microsoft DNS Server

Infobox has completed the third annual survey on the global DNS services. There are 11.7 million DNS servers running on the Internet. Only less than 3 % are running on Microsoft DNS Server.

The reason is that Microsoft DNS Sever lacks many important security features such as IP address-based control on queries and dynamic updates of zone records.

I would advise Microsoft to stop bundling DNS Server in Windows 2003 server packages.


Body Combat 34

Body Combat 34 真的帶比我不小驚喜,所用上的氣力要比平常高四成以上。在這個 Release, 所有集中力都是全新的踢法。我從沒有想像過 jump kick 可以加過 Ginga,大厲害了. Track 6 將會是最受歡迎,何解 ? 270 度的踢腳法 (1 sidekick, 1 frontkick + 1 back kick)真的很勁.

Body Combat 34 的來臨還帶給我另一喜訊,那就是終於都不用再練習 evasive sidekick了。