SSID of Government WiFi Service

I notice that the SSID of Government WiFi service is set as "freegovwifi". At a first glance, I can not distinguish from this SSID this is a government service unless I interpret the SSID as three separate part as "free", "gov", and "wifi". Could some wise guys develop a better name ? Yeah, using hyphen in between words could help and "free-gov-wifi" is very distinguishable. However, I like to add that stating "WiFi" in SSID is meaningless and a bit redundant. My suggestion is simply use "hk-gov" and every body can tell it is a service offered by the HK Government.


Write protect switch on USB thumb drive

My 8GB USB memory stick suddenly went wrong. No file could be written on it. It was because of a write protect switch toggled to the on position. I have used 5 USB thumb drives before, from 128 MB to 2GB and I never found a write protect switch on them. This is quite confusing. The provision of a write protect switch should be a treated as a standard feature for the benefit of consumers. Also, another aspect frustrating is the LED light. Some USB thumb drives are equipped with LED indicator to show the status of data access while some are not. I need to look at the LED to be sure that the USB thumb drive is working, reading and writing.


GSM network to cover fixed line service

SmarTone-Vodafone makes use of its GSM network to provide wireless fixed line service. The phone to be used at home is a modified GSM phone with a base and a handset. The monthly charge is not competitive indeed, at HK$118 per month. One of the benefits is the basic plan has covered unlimited IP calls to overseas. The public acceptance of the new service remains not clear but SmarTone has made inovative use of its network to attract fixed line customers.


BC 35 - United Vibe

I am much impressed by track 2 of Body Combat Release 35 - United Vibe played by Scooter. This track lasts for 7 minuets and 12 seconds, the longest track ever seem in BC series except those that are warm up tracks. The choreography matches the music in a perfect order. Every movement looks so nice, energetic and full of agility. I must say I am addicted to this track.


Farewell to Yvonne

Today California Fitness Club in Causeway Bay held a farewall party for Yvonne. Can anybody imagine how many guest instructors were there ? I counted to 10, Eric Yeung, Benjamin, Patrick S, Kelvin, Sunny, Jeremy, Martial, Louis, Rex and George. They came voluntarily.

I followed Yvonne for 4 years on BodyCombat, BodyBalance and Pilates. I had a lot of good time in her classes. I am not sure if I can find another instructor like her. To me, she is more than an instructor. I shall always remember her.

What are the changes to evening classes after Yvonne left ? At least two, BodyCombat and BodyBalance Class at PakPoLee on Wednesday will be cancelled. I am not aware of any change of schedules in other clubs.