facebook is an election propaganda

Facebook is a great propaganda for election, especially for functional constituencies like the IT Sector. Candidates can find the eligible voters by searching key words such as MIET, HKCS, BCS, CISSP, CISA etc. More importantly, this handy tool is free of charge. In the coming LegCo Election in Sept 2008, the communications and networking powers of facebook will be unleashed.


Hardware encrypted USB memory sticks

The recent privacy incidents happened in HK arising from the use of portable storage devices tells me that for maximum security sake, I need to use hardware encrypted USB memory sticks. I know that these devices are really expensive, around US$100 for a 1 GB USB flash memory. To my dismay, I visited the computer malls in Wan Chai and Sham Shui Po and could not find one to buy.

Hong Kong is at the forefront of IT. How come such useful devices are not off-the-shelf in general computer shops.


Raising Funds for Sichuan victims

CFC is the largest gym club in Hong Kong. So far, it has not organized any super theme classes to raise funds for helping Sichuan victims. My patience on this has gone and I decided to sent my message to its management. I asked the management to check past records of what they did in helping tsunami victims.



我認識的 CFC 單車教練之中, Johnny Chan 最為特出。 記憶所及,從他第一天執教開始,他已是穿着專用單車裝束,在學員面前,沒有穿過其它雜款運動服裝。 當 Schwin 車加裝單車鞋托之後,他是首批 (極可能是首位)穿上單車鞋去執教的。他那份追求專業、完美的精神,對我來說是非常值得學習。


High Definition TV

This might be a good news or a bad news.

The communal antenna distribution system in our building has been upgraded to support High Definition TV (HDTV). I have the chance to watch HDTV by spending HK$1x,xxx for a high-end LCD panel and a HDTV decoder. If I really do that, I will be creating a big piece of junk by throwing away my 29-inch traditional TV set. What else !People will laugh at you when they know that your building can support HDTV while you are still watching with a traditional TV set.

For the sake of the environment, forget about what other people say.



上完BodyCombat堂, 教練問學員有沒有興趣點歌,全班學員默不作聲。 聰明的教練巳經估到了,原來他們一齊要求點播 “Sound of Silence”。


SPF -all

For those system administrators that make settings of their Sender Policy Framework (SPF) with –all in their DNS zone records, I like to pay my tribute to them. They are the real anti-spam heros that have the competent knowledge to fight against spam.

What does SPF –all mean ?

"v=spf1 ip4: -all"

In the first line, it tells only the IP address can claim to use the designated domain name in "mail from" field. All other IP addresses can never claim.

v=spf1 a:mail.example.com a:xyz.example.com -all"

Similarly, in the second line above, two hosts can claim to use the designated domain name in the "mail from" field while all others will be rejected.

Sadly, only about 1 % of domain names in use are having SPF -all settings in place.