3G logo of China Mobile

I was surprised to see the 3G logo of China Mobile.

The design is absolutely poor using a Tai Chi sign with an open end. Just can not figure out what is the relationship of Tai Chi and high speed 3G communications. The movement in Tai Chi is static and slow. It does not match with the pace of 3G mobile. Another frustration is the colours in the logo are dull.

I believe some university students who have studied visual art and design can come up with something much better.


Universal Mobile Phone Charger

The GSM Association, cell phone manufacturers and mobile carriers are now pushing for the adoption of universal mobile phone charger. The global standard is not available yet, but from an engineering point of view, this is just an easy task with simple basic technologies involved. It is expected that by 2012, the majority of new handsets will support the new charger.

I had this idea more than 10 years ago. Sounds good to all phone users. It also save the environment because huge number of old chargers are dumped in landfill when people change the models of their cell phones. The chargers are working and are in good condition.

This comes really a bit late. If the initiative were started some 10 years ago, we would have been benefited from lower cost handsets and a better environment.


Google migrated to IPv6

Google has recently announced that it took a small core team of engineers, working on a part time basis, to complete migrating its infrastructure to IPv6 in 18 months This is a great achievement indeed. Google is a pioneer in the deployment of IPv6. The news also boosted significant confidence to network service providers that moving to IPv6 is not really difficult.


Conficker checking date and time

It is known that if users try to adjust the date of Conficker infected Windows PCs to avoid triggering 1st April, it does not work. The reason is that Conficker will connect to large web sites and from the HTTP header, it knows the exact date and time.

A question arises. Is it necessary to give date and time in HTTP header. If it serves no useful purpose, it should be omitted since hackers can use the date and time to trigger attack sequences.