UPS Delivery Virus

I've got the infamous UPS delivery virus in my mailbox:

Of course, the attached zip file contains a virus.  This virus has been found since 2008.



Today, I saw a van with the car plate "NAT NAT". Presumably, the car owner is an IT Manager and he even deploys double NAT in his company's network. I have no doubt that this guy will keep using IPv4 and he will not move to IPv6 as he loves NAT so much. How many such guys are there in the IT Sector ?

Shall I give him a lesson on IPv6 ?


URL too long encountered by Chrome

This is the first time I notice about the error message "URL Too Long" in Chrome.

The same webpage and same URL can be opende in IE 8.   Is this a compatibility problem of Chrome ?   On security concern, there might be a need to limit the maximum length of URL in order to avoid buffer overflow or other types of attack.  I guess it is not easy to find the answers.


6 IT people of HK get IPv6 Sage status as of today

I checked Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification website and noticed that as of  today there are 6 IT people attained Sage level.  They are:

1. Warren Kwok
2. Jacky Tsoi
3. Joe Ho
4. Charles Low
5. Sang Young
6. Billy Yim

Since APNIC will conduct IPv6 training in HK next week, we can expect more IT people getting Sage certification by this year end.  Stay tuned.