OFTA Speed Test Engine

This is the test results of my 6M ADSL line when performing speed test through OFTA Speed Test Engine:

It should be noted that IP addresses not in the HK range can not acess the website.


Dreamweaver and IE

I read a book about using Dremweaver CS5 and CSS to create websites.  The book says all web contents should be tested under Firefox browser but not IE.  The reason is that Microsoft IE does not follow W3C standards.  

Thats true.  It is a shame on Microsoft.


SOA of .hk nameserver

Strange !   The serial of SOA of .hk nameservers is 2071434190 (Unix time) which converts to 22 August 2035 :

[warren@dnssec ~]# nslookup
> set type=soa
> hk.

Non-authoritative answer:
        origin = NS1.HKIRC.NET.hk
        mail addr = HOSTMASTER.HKIRC.NET.hk
        serial = 2071434190
        refresh = 5400
        retry = 1800
        expire = 3600000
        minimum = 600

Is there a hidden fault ?