Android phone failed to sync gmail

On Friday,  all of a sudden, my Android phone could not sync gmail.  Intuitively, I had the impression that access to market would also fail as market relies on gmail account for authentication. Finally, it was proven that all Gmail and Facebook could not sync while access to market completely failed.

After investigation, I noted that my phone had the date set to 1 Jan 2000.  Shit, auto-sync requires accurate time information on the terminal devices.  After changing the date properly, everything was restored.

A good learning experience and exercise.


In memory of Dennis Ritchie, Father of Unix

It was sad to read news about  Dennis Ritchie, Father of Unix, who passed away on 12 October 2011.

I was addicted to Unix in 1992 but only got my first reference book in 1994. As my appreciation to Dennis Ritchie, Father of Unix, I shall keep this book for the rest of my life.


Blackberry outage in three continents

Yersterday, there was a massive RIM's network outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa which lasted for 3 hours :


Millions of users were affected. 

As usual, RIM will never disclose the root of the failure using the excuse that RIM's network is based on a proprietary design and it needs to keep its network design and architecture confidential.

Though Asia was not affected in the incident yesterday, we can not be sure we get the same luck next time.


iPhone 5 can not support 4G LTE

With the coming release of iPhone 5, IT and technology savvy people are guessing if it can support high speed 4G LTE.  My view is that iPhone 5 will not be equipped with 4G LTE air interface.  The reason is that there are now just a few 4G LTE networks.  Apple must make a logical decision and careful investment.  May be iPhone 6 released in next year can do that.


IPv6 Speed Test

ipv6-test.com is hosted in France and it can offer speed tests on both IPv4 and IPv6 connection. It is now seeking help from other web administrators to set up such facility in other region.  As I do not have high speed native IPv6 connection otherwise I will volunteer to make my server as a mirror test site in Hong Kong.

The speed tests done today were the best I have ever conducted.  The overseas IPv4 and IPv6 connection speeds were  almost the same at around 4.5 Mbps.  This speed is sufficient for DVD-quality full screen video.


gogoclient on WiFi

This is a good news. Gogoclient can work on WiFi which enables me to have IPv6 tunnel connection  on WiFi. I had tested several times before but all failed.  I did not know what went wrong.  Then after changing a new WiFi router, everything works now.

I note that there is a new version of Gogoclient which supports DS-Lite.  I will download and try it.