wrong hole

Wrong hole, this is the most interesting song and lyrics I have ever encountered.


The video got 1.9 million hit rates.  Woo, to be honest, if the environment is dark and the two holes are so close, it is not unusual to stick in the wrong hole.


Taobao is on IPv6

Taobao.com is the equivalent of ebay in mainland China.  It has announced that a large scale trial of IPv6 is taking place at :


I have tracked the path.   Interestingly, it is going through HK6IX  and CERNET2 as follows:

Netfront (my IPv6 ISP) <-> HK6IX <-> CERNET2 <-> Alibaba <-> IPv6 at Taobao

Thanks to HK6IX and CERNET2 which help to make the connection fast.