The world's largest Wifi city

By next year, San Francisco will be the world's largest Wifi city. Free wireless Internet access will be free or at least affordable to citizens all over the 49-square mile areas via the municipal wireless network. The project is estimated to cost 18 million.

The prime objective is to bridge the digital divide which makes lower income people not able to access the Internet. All corporate employees, federal officers, police and fire departments are able to benefit.

Who will be the biggest winners ? My idea that with such a fanatastic wireless infrasturcture being put in place, the sales of notebook PCs will double or triple in San Francisco. Notebook vendors should be asked to sponsor this municpial project.

Who will be the losers ? I can imagine that 2.5G mobile operators will lose a large part of their revenues.

Will such development be extended to Hong Kong. When affordable Wifi hotspots are all over the city, I do not need to subscribe to 2.5 G or perhaps 3G service.

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