Email scam

For almost 3 years, I have not received any email scam. Then, this week, I received one.

******** Quote ********
From: kone_musa1@cantv.net

Dear Friend (Being A Foreigner),

With your Profile today I am satisfied that you have an understanding of the need for absolute secrecy in this pending project, hence my firm belief that I can count on your total support and confidentiality.

I am Mr Kone Musa, A staff of one of the commercial bank in COTE D'IVOIRE.I am pleased to get across to you for a very urgent and profitable business proposal, though I don't know you neither have I seen you before but my confidence was reposed on you.A contract file worth ( US$6.350.000) Dollars with the name has been noticed lying waste in our contract and account department.Please Get back to me for more information.


From Kone Musa

******* End of Quote ********

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