Experience of bypassing the China Great Firewall (GFW) to access Facebook and Youtube in China

I went to China yesteday.  Unfortunately, I could NOT access facebook via the hotel broadbnad line.

What I tried to do is to make my browser access through a proxy setting of with port 7070. From PuTTY (a common ssh client), I forwarded the local port 7070 to my proxy server Of course, I had to use SSH to login sshd @ This way, the browser would be accessing the Internet through a secure tunnel and there was a proxy server serving the secure tunnel. With these settings, I was able to browse any websites I wanted.

I just hope more people can master the skills of bypassing the GFW.


Fully DNSSEC-enabled domain

One of my domains “i3way.net” is fully DNSSEC-enabled. Thanks to Verisign for activating DNSSEC on .NET this month and my registrar, Godaddy which catches up technological development quite fast. I guess this is my biggest gift in this Xmas.

I have no difficulty with key-rollover.


Addding DS records in godaddy.com

I have the domain name i3way.net registered with godaddy.com  Now that .net TLD is running with DNSSEC, it is possible for me to pass my DNSSEC DS records (hash of KSK public key) from godaddy registrar to .net registry.  I am happy to see the interface which is clear and simple enough for me to understand.

My KSK, ZSK and DS are not yet ready.  I think I can pass the DS record to godaddy in Thursday evening.


No such facility as do-not-call register for email in Hong Kong or in any other part of the world

Last Saturday, while talking to the media appealing for the establishment of do-not-call register for person-to-person telemarketing calls, the Privacy Commissioner made a mistake that OFTA has already set up a do-not-call register for email. Here are the URLs below of local newspaper.



Actually, there is no such system as  do-not-call register for email in Hong Kong or in any other part of the world.  I can give three reasons below:

1. The majority (over 90 %) of spam emails are sent out by zombie computers, but not human email accounts. Will zombie computers look at the registry and do some screening before sending out ?

2. Even if spam emails are sent out by human email accounts, it is not possible to punish the senders as they are not in the same country as the recipients. Email has no national boundary.

3. Spammers can download the register and send more spam to those email addresses contained in the register. After all, these are live valid email accounts.

I hope that nobody will commit same mistake again in future.


Enhanced WiFi test facility

I have a Windows script to test the dowload speed of WiFi network based on ftp.  However, I discover that some WiFi only allows http, https and dns traffic to pass through.  In order to cater for such situation, I have changed my test program to use http:

@echo off

echo Hi! This is a http loop for WiFi download speedtest!
wget http://www.i3way.net/fire/science-fire.wmv
del *.wmv* -y
goto loop

Please feel free to copy and use.  Of course, any file in a URL can be used to verify the download speed.


Fuck her gently

"Fuck her gently" is the most interesting song I have ever come across.  It is played by Tenacious D.  If you know Jack Black of School of Rock, you might have known "Tenacious D".

The lyric is extremely lovable.

This is a song for the ladies
But fellas listen closely
You don't always have to fuck her hard
In fact sometimes that's not right, to do
Sometimes you've got to make some love
And fuckin' give her some smoochies too
Sometimes you got to squeeze
Sometimes you got to say "Please..."
Sometimes you got to say "Hey..." 

I'm gonna fuck you, softly
I'm gonna screw you gently
I'm gonna hump you, sweetly
I'm gonna ball you discreetly

And then you say "Hey I brought you flowers"
And then you say "Wait a minute, Sally"
"I think I got somethin' in my teeth, could you get it out for me?"
That's fuckin' team work!

What's your favorite posish
That's cool with me
It's not my favorite but I'll do it for you
What's your favorite dish?
I'm not gonna cook it
But I'll order it from Zanzibar

And then I'm gonna love you completely 
And then I fuckin fuck you discreetly
And then I fuckin bone you completely
But then I'm gonna fuck you haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!