Facebook adopts LISP to roll out IPv6 Service

This is a diagram drawn by me about how Facebook rolls out its IPv6 service.

LISP (Locater/Identifier Separation Protocol) is amazing. It redefines the relationship between end-point, IP address and router. The IP address assigned to an end-point is simply an identifier and the router is a locator. If the Locator can be spilt into egress and ingress network elements and with the addition of one to one single v4-v6 mapping, then all existing v4 platforms can server v6. Facebook can then save hardware cost, avoid v4 and v6 software clash and most importantly achieve quick roll out of IPv6 service.

There are two questions remaining. First can LISP handle huge traffic and second how can resilience be built into LISP.

No matter how, LISP is a promising new technology which content providers should pay attention to.

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