Code of ethics for war-driving

I will join the WTIA-PISA war-driving on this Sunday (18 Dec), an activity of the 2011 SafeWiFi Campaign.

Our team note that people are very concerned about privacy issue as a result of Google's unethical capture of WiFi data all over the world. We ask all participants to sign a statement on code of ethics which include no privacy intrusion, no monitoring of payload, no connection to scanned WiFi access points and all data must be destroyed after statistical analysis. As a further step to ensure no network connection, all team members must have TCP/IP protocols in their notebook PC disabled. We will check against each other such settings to ensure a high level of integrity.

The  planned Macao war-driving by WTIA-PISA in September 2011 was banned by the Macao Government due to privacy issue stirred up by Google.

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