Anonymous threatened to blackout the Internet

Anonymous has threatened to blackout the Internet if Stop Online Piracy Act is passed:


Some people might ask how can the entire Internet be blackouted.  If the root zone can be taken down, all websites and emails in the world will disappear.  It is not known if Anonymous will attack hundreds of root servers scattered around the globe.


IPv6 address entry keyboard

Just received my IPv6 address entry keyboard. The double colon key (::) is very important !

There is no such code as double colon in ASCII standard.  If IPv6 gains popularity, it might be desirable to include :: as special character in ASCII table.


I own the IPv6 address prefix of 2002:ca51:fc74::/48 permanently

I am not an ISP but I own the IPv6 address prefix of 2002:ca51:fc74::/48 permanently. The reverse lookup for this range has been delegated to me by the Number Resource Organization (NRO).

This is just a gimmick. For those who are familiar with IPv6 addressing, they have already recognized that 2002:ca51:fc74::/48 is 6to4 equivalent of IPv4 address  I have previously used this v4 address to access NRO and claim to administer the reverse lookup for the range 2002:ca51:fc74::/48. This is just a gimmick. For those who are familiar with IPv6 addressing, they have already recognized that 2002:ca51:fc74::/48 is the 6to4 equivalent of IPv4 address I have previously used this v4 address to access NRO and claim to administer the reverse lookup for the range 2002:ca51:fc74::/48.

If you do a "dig -x 2002:ca51:fc74::1", my v6 nameserver will give you an answer saying it is v6-mail.com.


DHCPv6 in Lion

In my last blogpost at :

I mistakenly wrote that Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) could not support DHCPv6 client configurations. Some friends told me that they have tested Lion and confirmed that DHCPv6 can be fully supported.  With this good news, all the latest common PC OS (OSX, Windows 7 and Linux) can support DHCPv6.  On a further thought, OSX and Linux have better support of IPv6 configurations than Windows 7 as Windows 7 is still lacking RDNSS as of today.  Windows 7 definitely needs to catch up.


Code of ethics for war-driving

I will join the WTIA-PISA war-driving on this Sunday (18 Dec), an activity of the 2011 SafeWiFi Campaign.

Our team note that people are very concerned about privacy issue as a result of Google's unethical capture of WiFi data all over the world. We ask all participants to sign a statement on code of ethics which include no privacy intrusion, no monitoring of payload, no connection to scanned WiFi access points and all data must be destroyed after statistical analysis. As a further step to ensure no network connection, all team members must have TCP/IP protocols in their notebook PC disabled. We will check against each other such settings to ensure a high level of integrity.

The  planned Macao war-driving by WTIA-PISA in September 2011 was banned by the Macao Government due to privacy issue stirred up by Google.


ITVoice 2012

Last Sunday, I casted my votes to 20 members of ITVoice 2012 in the Election Committee election of the IT Sub-sector. They all won their seats with high vote. Well-done, my friends. This was quite an historical moment so I decided to record the voting results in the picture below. I might watch this blogpost again five years later.

As usual, Charles Mok is again the King of the IT Sub-sector. He harvested 1466 votes, 218 votes more than he got in 2006.


IPv6 address input keyboard

I have placed order for an IPv6 address entry keyboard at US$15 from ipv6buddy.com.

The keys of A-F plus colon, double colon and slash keys which are packed together adjacent to numeric keys is very handy for input of IPv6 addresses and prefix lengths.  This keyboard should have been developed some years ago but not until now.


Server no reboot for 805 days

My server placed in a data center had not been rebooted for over 805 days. Frankly, if there is a fault and if I need to go to the data center for repair, I might find the place but can not remember which rack houses the equipment. Then on 7 December 2011, the server lost connection to the outside world. I sought help from the serving ISP and it told me that the port on the Ethernet switch did not detect any connection. The ISP then called a technician in the data center and it was found the power cable did not plug firmly to the power supply unit. After properly tightened the power cord and reboot, everything got back to normal.

Damn it, my goal of no server reboot for 1000 days just crashed.


Hong Kong WiFi Security Index

Today was my second day in Tokyo for the Cybersecurity Forum organized by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity.  I gave a presentation on “Promoting WiFi Security Awareness in Hong Kong”. This is what I said to 20 countries of the Asia Pacific region  at the end of my presentation :

If there is just one thing you like to learn from Hong Kong’s experience, it will be the Hong Kong WiFi Security Index.


In-flight WiFi service

I flew to Tokyo today by Cathay Pacific CX548.  When the plane elevated to a certain altitude, the Captain announced that electronic devices of passengers could be switched on.  However, any devices that use WiFi or Bluetooth should be switched off in order to avoid interference to aircraft electronic systems.  Hey, Captain, are you kidding.  In-flight WiFi is an essential service for passengers especially for those flying long haul.  Can you imagine losing Facebook or Gmail for 12 - 14 hours while on the sky.  Boeing aircraft are already providing in-flight WiFi service. Of course, usage charge must be imposed. What's wrong with Cathay Pacific.