World IPv6 Launch - 6 June 2012

After waiting for one year, I am happy to see the four biggest content providers in the world, namely, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft Bing will enable IPv6 on a permanent basis.  The date of this activation is 6 June 2012 at the World IPv6 Launch event (www.worldipv6launch.org).  After 6 June, I can access facebook by just www.facebook.com instead of www.v6.facebook.com.  I have gogoClient and Hurricane Electric tunnels at home with over 5 Mbps speed for IPv6 connection.  I am sure my IPv6 connection can give me faster speed in surfing Facebook and Google than my IPv4 connection.

One question I have in mind:  Will Google include Youtube for the permanent IPv6 provision ?  If so, that is another great news.  I can have better experience in watching Youtube videos as I can imagine the v6 pipeline of Youtube is not so congested.

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