List of IPv6 home routers

I am preparing a list of IPv6 home/SOHO routers which will be posted in the coming “IPv6 In Action” website, the domain name of which  is not decided yet. The website will be managed by the Internet Society Hong Kong.  It is for general end users in Hong Kong to be aware of IPv4 exhaustion and get prepared for the IPv6 era.

My source of information is mainly from the IPv6 Forum and I do a search for routers that have been awarded the “IPv6 Ready” Logo.  I only sorted out the common brand names such as Linksys, Netgear and D-Link and their products are commonly available in Hong Kong with reasonable price.  I tended not to give products from Japan, New Zealand, China and UK etc as I am not sure whether these products would be sold in Hong Kong.

Just when I thought the list was OK, I mistakenly missed out one important item, Apple Airport Extreme.  I checked IPv6 Forum again and noticed that Apple submitted its Airport Extreme base station as host device for getting IPv6 Ready Logo but not as a router.  What a crazy move. 

After the “IPv6 in Action” website is launched, I intend to update the list on a monthly basis.  Hopefully, the workload is not heavy.

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