Use of gogoCLIENT after 6 June 2012

I like to remind users in Hong Kong who are using gogoCLIENT to access IPv6 and dual-stack websites. After 6 June 2012, GogoCLIENT makes your Windows 7 quite slow in accessing dual-stack websites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo as the nearest tunnel gateway of freenet6.net is in Taiwan. Yes, that is the reality for accessing dual-stack websites but same speed for accessing pure v4 website, still very slow for pure v6 websites. If is up to users to judge if they still want to use gogoCLIENT.

If you have an IPv6 ready router such as D-Link and Linksys, please use router-based 6in4 tunnel with an user account with Hurricane Electric. Since HE has 6in4 gateway in HK with high bandwidth, the v6 speed should be quite OK.

GogoCLIENT is  widely used in Taiwan because all major ISPs there have their TSP tunneling gateway. Taiwan users who want access to v6 network can apply to their ISP for a user account. The v6 speed of course is OK unlike the case of Hong Kong whereby users must connect to Taiwan and then to other parts of the world.

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