octocheck app

I mentioned about Octocheck in my last blog post.  I have now captured a picture and post it here.


Apps for checking the balance of Octopus

I finally found the best app of the year.  It is the Octocheck (Octopus Card NFC Reader), an app for checking the balance of Octopus Card with the  last 10 trading date, time, nature of the transaction and the amount of information.  

It is available from Google Play at :


The smartphones and tablets must have NFC functionality.  My son's smartphone Xperia Ion has this feature so one installation should be sufficient for the whole family.

There are 13 million Octopus Cards actively used by consumers every day.  This app comes a bit late.  Anyway, still need to say thanks to Octopus Cards Limited for developing an useful app.  This might be the first large scale application of NFC in smartphones for Hong Kong people.


Test the IPv6 readiness of a domain

I got a five stars pass when testing my domain i3way.net at the test site ip6.nl for IPv6 readiness.  The most difficult part to get 5 stars is the use of IPv6 glue record for the domain which means IPv6 only resolvers could still fetch the domain records.  I note that many domains have failed in this aspect.



二零一二年六月十三日,互聯網名稱與數字地址分配機構 ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, 簡稱ICANN ) 公佈了申請營運新通用頂級域名的名單,共有1930份申請,其中香港的企業共提交了42份申請,佔全球申請的百份之二,令香港的IT業界喜出望外。

互聯網現時除地區頂級域名以外 (如 「.hk」、 「.cn」 及「.tw」 等),通用頂級域名共有22個,最為人熟識的有「.com」、 「.net」及 「 .org」 等。時至今日,互聯網服務巳函蓋每個行業,現有的22個通用頂級域名已不能滿足各行各業的需求,而且缺乏選擇。ICANN預期新增的通用頂級域名可以為互聯網締造更多的創新,選擇和競爭,最終能為用户提供更優質的服務。舉個例說,銀行業可申請使用 「.bank」,唱片業可用「.music」,酒店業可用「.hotel」等頂級域名。世界各地企業也可以公司的註冊名稱或品牌申請頂級域名,如 「.ibm」、 「.microsoft」、「.skype」和 「.android」 等。

申請新通用頂級域名所涉及的費用令人咋舌,申請人先要付出 18.5 萬美元 (約145萬港元) 一筆過申請費,日後每年還要繳交 2.5 萬美元 (約20萬港元) 的行政費。ICANN 在審批每個域名時還會考慮申請人的背景,包括技術支援、財政及營運能力,要有足夠實力才能獲批,保守估計,平均每個新通用頂級域名真正成本,可能會超過百萬美元。

香港的两家電訊服務商,分別是電訊盈科有限公司和中信國際電訊(信息技術)有限公司,合共申請了八個頂級域名作日後業務之用,包括「.pccw」、「.hkt」、「.電訊盈科」、「.香港電訊」、「.now」、「.nowtv」、「.中信」及 「.citic」。ICANN 的名單公佈後,筆者發現有多達六家公司申請「.now」,而只有電訊盈科有限公司申請「.nowtv」, 至此筆者不得不佩服該公司的部置和策略,他們早已估計 「.now」 會引發一場爭奪戰,一旦競投「.now」失手,還有「.nowtv」可即時補上。

在眾多申請當中,最觸目的是 「.app」 ,共有13間公司爭奪,包括亞馬遜 (Amazon) 和谷歌 (Google)。業界估計,谷歌對「.app」是志在必得的,谷歌會不惜動用過千萬美元,擊敗其他對手,最終奪得「.app」的擁有權。

開放通用頂級域名亦令各大城市希望擁有自己的數碼地標的夢想成真,世界各地的市政府都申請以城市為名的域名,例如「.nyc」、「.tokyo」、「.paris」、 「.广东」、「.广州」和「.佛山」 等。或許有人會問,為甚麽沒有香港機構申請「 .香港」,其實 「.香港」是地區域名的國際化名稱,因此,「.香港」在多年前已委派給香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司管理。

不得不提的是一些致為有趣的申請,足以令人拍案叫絕,例如 「.gay」、「.sex」「.eat」、「.dog」、「.我愛你」、「.八掛」等,ICANN 的審批專家團隊會否開放這些有趣的頂級域名,大家不妨拭目以待。

總的來說,這次盛事,是互聯網的一次重大改革,預期新一批通用頂級域名將在 2013 年中投入服務,屆時互聯網將會出現一番新景像。


do not zip pdf file

I was surprised to receive an email with a zipped attachment which contained a pdf file. Hey, pdf file is more or less an image type and it could hardly be compressed.  Further checking revealed that the original pdf file size was 4.278 MB and after zip compression, the size was 4.252 MB.  The compression ratio is less than 1 %.  It is just not worthwhile for both the sender and receiver wasting their time to compress and decompress the file.


speedtest mini

Finally, I got a copy of  licence free speedtest mini. Thanks to Ookla though no support is offered.  I have to  remind myself to amend /etc/php.ini to allow uploading large files by HTTP POST request.

Speedtest mini does not show up the IP address of the visiting client. I have added a script to display the IP address. A restart button is also added to enable another test without using the browser refresh.


Internet in IPv6 is 2000::/3, not ::/0

Some people think that routing to IPv6 Internet is ::/0 which means everything. This is not recommendable since not all prefixes of IPv6 are allocated to RIRs.

Internet in v6 should be 2000::/3 (reference RFC4291), but not ::/0. This is unlikely to change in the coming 30 years. Do not use ::/0 in making default route.

If I want to add a route to IPv6 world, then :

#/sbin/route -A inet6 add 200::./3 gw 2001:4625::7

Special attention must be paid to prefix 64:ff9b::/96 for DNS6 +NAT64.  There should be an additional  route to the NAT64 router serving 64:ff9b::/96.


TP-Link 500 Mbps HomePlug

Shit, TP-Link 500 Mbps HomePlug can only offer 185 Mbps connection speed. 
The powerline noise, distance and cable capacitance factors added up together eat away 315 Mbps. Poor technology will never reach the mass market. 


DNSChanger Eliminated

Today, the US Government shutted down the substituted resolvers for the DNSChanger malware.  More than 0.3 million users can not access the Internet permanently if they do not clear the malware.  In Hong Kong, it is estimated 800 users will suffer.   Actually, the number of infected PCs was about 4 million in last November and it was the efforts of CERTs and ISPs worldwide to take back 3.7 million infected PCs.

A test tool is available at  http://www.dns-ok.us/.  If a host is infected, the background color will be red.


IPv6 email autoreply facilities again

My IPv6 email autoreply facilities (autoreply@v6-mail.com and www.v6-mail.com) have helped many system administrators to test and troubleshoot their v6 or dual-stack SMTP servers.   I decided that for those successful email transactions via v6 channel, I will pass the maillog to the parties initiating the email tests.   This definitely shall make other people happy and the workload imposed on me is quite minimal.