Passing IPv6 Certification for the rank of guru

Last night, I decided to attempt the IPv6 test for the rank of guru granted by Hurricane Electric. It required me to build two IPv6-based name servers and answer AAAA queries from IPv6 addresses only. Of course, the NS records of the authoritative name servers must also have associated AAAA record. It was not an easy one. I spent 6 hours to get all problems resolved.

Next step is to enter the sage test. The test will check to see if the domain names I submiited have IPv6 glue at the registrar. I am not quite sure how to prepare and proceed.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of the tests took a lot of time, and were very frustrating, but were definitely worth it in the end.

Perhaps the hardest for me was setting up the IPv6-enabled mail server, having never even set up an IPv4-enabled mail server, let alone an IPv6 one.

Good luck with your remaining test!