IPv6 Proxy

I have added one of my website to an IPv6 Proxy (http://www.ipv6proxy.nl/).

If a website is configured with an IPv4 address, there is no way hosts in the IPv6only cloud can access this web site. IPv6 Proxy turns out to be a solution.

The IPv6 proxy listens to 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131 and it will fetch website contents over IPv4 and then pass to the visiting IPv6 browser clients. The website owner is required to add an AAAA record 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131 to the website such as:

"www.example.com. 1H IN AAAA 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131"

The last step is of course to register the website name with the proxy.

This is a cool application from an IPv6 implementation perspective.

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