Setting up 6to4 tunnel in FC10

My FC10 server is binded with the IP address With this IPv4 address, the whole 2002:ca51:fc74::/16 range of IPv6 address belongs to me. Yesterday, I arbitrary took the first host in the range and therefore the IPv6 address for my server in 6to4 tunnel mode became 2002:ca51:fc74::1/16. Then I performed the following:

#ip tunnel add 6to4 mode sit remote any local
#ip link set dev 6to4 up
#ip addr add 2002:ca51:fc74::1/16 dev 6to4
#ip -6 route add 2002::/3 via :: dev 6to4 metric 1026

Afterwards, ifconfig showed the IPv6 address 2002:ca51:fc74::1/16 was binded to a 6to4tunnel and ping6 ipv6.google.com was successful. Great learning experience.

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