Internode brings surprise to the IPv6 world

Australian ISP Internode brings surprise to the IPv6 world. It rolls out a native IPv6 trial service over ADSL. Users will be offered a /60 prefix and it is up to the broadband routers of users to allocate IPv6 addresses to their hosts. This is the first time that IPv6 trial service involves prefix delegation to end users. However, as reported by some Australian users, the only compatible CPE is Cisco 877 ADSL router running IOS 12.4 which can handle prefix delegation and IPv6 address allocation to hosts.

The trial service of Internode is more advanced than the current residential IPv6 service of NTT. NTT only offer one single IPv6 address instead of a /60 or /64 prefix.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, they are doing a great with flexible dual stack IPv6 deployment. Can you inform your configuration? What applications are you planning to test? Please share your info!

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