4-byte Autonomous System Numbers

Some ISP friends told me that they found AS numbers larger than 65536 in advertised BGP routes in the range of 13XXXX. This is a good sign since some service providers are using 4-byte AS numbers for their routing. Without resorting to 4-byte AS numbers, new comers can not have their routers hooked up to the Internet.

In fact, APNIC is administering 2.xxxxxx prefix for 4-byte AS numbers. The first 4 byte AS assigned to Hong Kong is 2.155 or written as AS131227 (2 x 65536 + 155). It is good to see that whois search can also support AS number larger than 65536.

[root@localhostl]# whois –h whois.apnic.net AS131227
aut-num: AS131227
as-name: ASIADC-HK-AP
descr: Asia Data Center Limited
country: HK
admin-c: ADCL1-AP
tech-c: ADCL1-AP
changed: hm-changed@apnic.net 20090914
source: APNIC

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