IPv6 Reverse DNS Configuration

On IPv6, I do have some good news this week.

By now I am able to do configurations for IPv6 reverse DNS delegation on /48, /56 and /64 subnets. For a couple of months, the syntax of the Bind config files and the zone files for IPv6 reverse lookup scared me to death. However, after playing around and looking at the settings of existing working IPv6 systems through "dig -x", I was able to figure out how these things worked together.

It has been a great learning exercise. I will create sample templates for /48, /56 and /64 subntes for my future reference.


Gery said...


You have to delegate your ip6.arpa (reverse Domain) for your 6to4 Subnet first, before you can create any rNDS workable hosts.

delegate your zone here:


Jonathan E. Brickman said...
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Jonathan E. Brickman said...

A LAN-local IPv6 subnet autogenerator, is here: