Lack of authoritative IPv6 NTP Servers in Hong Kong

The number of IPv6 servers and hosts in Hong Kong are increasing. Yet there is not an authoritative IPv6 time server to be used by the Internet community in Hong Kong. Though there are IPv6 NTP servers in US or Europe, we can not rely on them to sync server clock due to the latency issue.

In terms of security, all access and event logs must be accompanied accurate time stamp in order to make them trustworthy. The lack of an authoritative IPv6-based standard time server in Hong Kong really affect security aspects of IPv6 servers.

The current Internet standard time service on IPv4 (stdtime.gov.hk) is provided by the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). I have talked with people in the HKO and they say they might look into the issue in due course. I have no hope this can be resolved quickly as I fully understand that ISPs are reluctant to offer native IPv6 connectivity.

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