Google and the China Great Firewall

After google.cn redirected to google.com.hk, some of my IT friends have discussions if running https:/www.google.com.hk can circumvent blocking by the China Great Firewall (GFW). The answers and scenarios are quite complicated. In the absence of HTTPS, sensitive keywords can not be passed to Google. When https is employed, some sensitive keywords (June 4 massacre, DaLai Lama, Tibet independence etc) submitted by Chinese netizens can be absorbed by Google and Google can presents a list of URLs and descriptions best match the search results. However, when Chinese netizens click on the URLs, the traffic fallback to HTTP again and the GFW can block by keywords, domains or IP addresses.

Those reading should have a clearer understanding by now. Without relying on encrypted means (SSL VPN, SSH + Proxy), there is no way to escape the GFW’s inspection.

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