D-LINK DIR-655 IPv6 home router

This week, I bought an IPv6 home router, model D-LINK DIR-655 with the latest firmware. 

This one supports Prefix Delegation, SLACC, DHCPv6, IPv6 PPPoE, 6in4, 6to4 and 6rd tunneling. I have 6in4 tunnel with Hurricane Electric (HE) and I can say that configure 6in4 tunnel on DIR-665 is not easy.  The routed /64 prefix allocated by HE should be configured in the LAN side while the /64 prefix for tunneling should be input in the WAN side.  The v6 resolver provision was a bit complicated.  I thought using v6 resolvers of OpenDNS would be ok but in fact it was not. I was not quite sure if HE network blocked access to OpenDNS.  As a last resort, I used the anycast v6 resolvers of HE in both the WAN and LAN side and that completely my 6in4 configuration with success.

I use static v6 configuration for hosts in the LAN side though I know DHCPv6 will be more convenient.  Hey, think it other way, the routed .64 prefix offered to me will never change, there is no harm to use static v6 configuration.

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