HK Government’s IPv6 NTP Server at time.hko.hk

In the past 3 days, I was working with colleagues in the Hong Kong Observatory to find out the problem of their IPv6 NTP system.  The system could not accept NTP request while "ntpdate -d -v 2407:8000:8001:80::8" showed that the host was found.

After many hours of testing and troubleshooting, we were sure that there was a bug in the firmware of the new atomic clock system which affected v6 network connectivity.  However, we applied a temporary fix to make things work in a stable manner. The system could be accessed now.

I like to thank colleagues of CUHK, OGCIO and OFTA for helping the end-to-end testing and fault-finding in the past 3 days.

Now that the system is normal, I can do "ntpdate -6 time.hko.hk" to conduct time sync over v6 network.

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