Find "Aaron Cheung" in Facebook, the 1st person to bring commercial Internet services to Hong Kong

I suddenly found an old friend whose name is "Aaron Cheung" in Facebook.  He was the first person to bring commercial Internet services to Hong Kong. I met him in around 1993. At that time, I was a system operator of Fidonet and my node was 488 in Hong Kong.  During an informal gathering, he told me that he was setting up the first 64k leased line from HK to US west coast  to run the first commercial Internet service in HK, the the Hong Kong Internet Gateway Service (HKIGS).  Later on, I was amongst the first 10 customers of HKIGS.  I did not subscribe to HKIGS service in around 1996  since then I did not hear anything about him and HKIGS.

I still remembered the HKIGS handbook (less than 20 pages)  teaching us how to send email, using gopher and other services in a Unix shell environment.  Thanks for all the great services of HKIGS in those years.

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