Knot DNS

I notice the release of Knot DNS version 1.0.0 by the CZ Internet community.  This is a high performance authoritative name server software supporting DNSSEC and NSEC3.  When tested on a 4-core Intel Xeon X3430, 2.40 GHz, 2 GB RAM, running Linux 2.6.38-11, x86_64, Knot DNS can handle 200k queries per second while BIND 9.8 can handle slighty half of Knot DNS.   Knot DNS is a perfect choice of secondary level domains (STD) or even TLDs.  However, there is still a long way to go compared with Nominum Authoritative Name Server (ANS).  This software has a stunng peformance of processing 1 million queries per second if running on same hardware config.  Nominum ANS is the king of name server software !!


Anonymous said...


do you have any numbers and (more) specs of Nominum ANS?

Like the network equipment used, NICs, throughput of the network, average size of (response) packets, etc.?

You need to compare on exactly same hardware with exactly same methodology, or you are comparing apples with oranges.

We would be interested to match this criteria, but right now it seems that the limitation isn't in the software itself, but in the operating system, it's scheduling, etc.


Anonymous said...

Just to follow-up...

Based on your claim of ANS performance, we have measured the maximum throughput of network interface card in the server we use for testing and you can see the results here:


We were able to go twice higher (around 700k) when using two NICs, but we don't have a methodology for that.

We are preparing a new test environment (the server got stuck on SATA controller unavailability), so expect a new numbers from us shortly :).