6rd tunneling will be available to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) is the second hi-tech center in Hong Kong with lots of technology companies doing R&D on new products and applications.  Sadly, no native IPv6 connections and facilities are available there yet.  How could the technology companies develop IPv6 products, solutions and applications.

Cyberport Hong Kong is aware of the situation.  I have been told quite firm that Cyberport is now developing a 6RD solution for extending a network node to tenants in HKSTP which basically works like native IPv6 connections.  6RD is a well-proven quick tunneling solution built on existing IPv4 infrastructure and only a few hardware facilities are required. What a tenant needs  is a simple router supporting 6RD connection in WAN side (D-LINK, Linksys, Netgear etc) whereas the LAN side can have DHCPv6, SLAAC or other methods of address allocation.  I hope the project could be implemented as soon as possible such that important IPv6 network resource and connectivity could be available to the high-tech community in Hong Kong.

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