Email honeypot HD storage problem

One of my friends has successfully set up an email honeypot acting as an open relay decoy.  Spammers successfully seize the host and deposit spam messages. The email honeypot just does not deliver any messages but store up on a daily basis. Then comes a difficulty.  A spam message has thousands of recipients and each spam message to a recipient consisting of the mail header part and message part (2 files) resulting in many millions of new files created a day which eat up several Gbytes of HD storage.  I recalled that I resolved this problem many years ago.  In sendmail.cf or sendmail.mc, there is an option to limit the number of recipients in a message.  I rather like to edit sendmail.cf directly by adding these 2 lines:

# maximum number of recipients per SMTP envelope 
O MaxRecipientsPerMessage=10 

This should work fine as I am quite sure I have tried this many many times before.

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