IPv6 Prefix Delegation

This is the best and most useful description of IPv6 Prefix Delegation I have ever come across:

Prefix delegation (PD) is a mechanism developed to provide automated delegation of IP address blocks. The delegation is done from an ISP to its customer. The ISP does not require any knowledge of the customer's internal network topology. The DHCP-PD protocol runs between a Customer Edge (CE) and a Provider Edge (PE) router, the CE is called a Requesting Router (RR) and the PE router a Delegating Router (DR). The RR acts as the DHCP client, and requests prefixes from the DR (DHCP server). The DR injects a route into the provider's routing system for the delegated prefix on behalf of the RR. That way, a dynamic routing protocol between the RR and the DR is not needed; however, the RR and the DR must be  directly connected. 

Prefix Delegation requires the use of AAA Server for authentication.  I grab an illustrative diagram above. 


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