Portable IPv6 Address Blocks need not be multi-homed

I almost forgot to mention one important IPv6 development in the Asia Pacific Region.  APNIC 34 made a decision to allow portable IPv6 address (Provider Indepedent) blocks be allocated to applicants without using multi-homed configuration.  Many companies can have their own /48 address block and they need not change their network configurations when changing serving ISP.  There is an argument that such arrangement would result in a large number of fragmented /48 blocks in the global routing table.  The design of IPv6 is to have routes in terms of  /32.  Hey, routers' performance are not really affected  by large routing table.  Who care ? We should consider the benefits to end users instead of giving less loading to equipment.

APNIC is the only RIR that waives the requirement of multi-homing in allocation of Provider Independent IPv6 address block.   Seems that the Asia Pacific region is moving faster than other regions.

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