Netgear 802.11ac adapter

802.11ac client devices are still rarely seen in the market as the ac standard has not been ratified by IEEE yet.  However, I recently come across Netgear A6200 which the manufacturer said can support 867 Mbps if operated on 802.11ac.  This sounds quite OK to me as the device can only have 2 built-in antennas.  However, the USB interface works on USB 2.0 which can operate at maximum of 480 Mbps.  In that case, whatever high speeds in the air interface are then capped to 480 Mbps.  Should manufacturers better claim 802.11ac client devices can have a maximum throughput of 480 Mbps instead of 867 Mbps.


Kristoffer Tångfelt said...

867 mbit's i suspect would be in the RF-layer. with error correction etc the real usable rate is likely a lot lower.

warrenkwok said...

Yes, it is the theoritical maxmimum data rate over the air. Coming to the end user side, it could be reduced to 1/3 only. Yet, still very high throughput.