Stupid remarks of 盧寵茂

I am  very pleased to spread the leaked out recording of the remarks by HKU Council Member盧寵茂 at the Council Meeting on 29 September.  Let all HK people judge how stupid 盧寵茂 is. Here it is.

And in the personal point of view that he is a good guy as many of the members have said. He is a good man. He has been working for the University for so long. This is the first impression for me that I should support him. But after looking at this and especially after the incident in July, I have some reservation. It is about his qualification. Professor CHEN has a very detailed analysis on the publication. You can look at it, for the last 15 years, he has produced less than 5 items output including factor and article, less than 5 a year and in some years for example, in 2008, he has produced only 1 item, 2011, 1 item only.

I know the number, quantity, is not the absolute measure, you have to see the quality as well. If I have an assistant professor with this kind of output, I will be very concerned, I would really say, hey, how can you reach the bar of the notion within the university, very strict criteria 4 + 4 for practical, 3 + 3 for non-practical, for promotion either up or out from an assistant professor to an associate professor. If my assistant professor give me a CV of 1 output per year, I would say, you are in trouble. In 6 years or in 8 years time, how many publications did you have in your CV? You can’t reach that bar.
(我明白產量並非絕對標準,也視乎質素。若然我屬下的助理教授只有這樣的產量,我會非常憂慮。我會說,你怎能符合港大"四加四"和"三加三"晉升為副教授的嚴謹要求? 若果我的助理教授的履歷只有每年一篇文獻,我會說,你惹麻煩了,在六至八年內你會有多少篇文獻? 你並不達標。)

But on that event, on that night we have been in the storm of Council meeting and subsequently my injury. And after the event, I didn't really see him showing any sympathy for the Council members, and in particular, I use myself as an example. I am a staff elected by all the other staff to take part. And i sustained and injured. From all the opinion that he has expressed, actually he's still putting the blame on the Council, he has never...i'm not saying I need his sympathy. But as a staff, i really feel if you are PVC (staffing) and if a staff member had an injury during an event like this, should you just keep on saying it's the Council's fault, that means it's my fault as well? So in a way he's telling the public, he's speaking out in public, including his 香港家書, that the fault remains in the Council...the suffering i encountered. That is my reserve.

But when I fell, all these people...I am not saying only the students, I know there are people outside the University, there is no doubt that the student lead the crowd in when I have this meeting. I was accused in so many media, so many articles, pictures to say that I am an actor, 插水, alright. I really feel very bad, I didn’t complain eventually and even when I was in the hospital and I talked to the media with my occupation in charge that I will kindly accept, "我唔追究D 學生". That’s my true belief because I feel very sad if those people in the room and outside were our students, I really feel ashamed. We have not done our duty well.

And in contrast, he put the blame into the Council members and including me as a staff member. I am really terrified that someone with this kind of... i don't want to extrapolate but I felt if someone ... i would say he's putting his political inclination into the university. Because of the difference in political opinions he may think that I am here to represent CY. I can tell you I am not a 梁粉. I came in with support of the staff members. I've never talked to CY. CY has never talked to me about this. but it seems that everybody there including Johannes Chan has labelled me as a 梁粉...and whatever I did, whatever I suffered, I deserved it.

There were 4 academic members on the Search Committee. I was qualified to make academic judgments. I have a lot of experience of making these judgments. There were 3 other academic members of the committee. So there were 4 ppl, 3 of them are not here to represent their views, so my job as a chairman is to represent their views. Academic credentials were considered, and were considered suitable. Council members may disagree. But I am not going to go back from the judgement made by the Search Committee.

As to a comment to the number of papers he published, I think it’s utterly irrelevant. There’s no job description that says you could have published certain number of papers or you’re not qualified for this role. The absolute number of papers published are not...quality and you can’t transfer from medicine into law because the publication requirements are different. So frankly the number of paper he published in the last 15 years I think is irrelevant.

So my comment on that is I think you’ve taken things very personally, and I think we should keep things to factual discussion, and the purpose of the candidate. There’s no requirement in the job description for the candidate to express sympathy otherwise for anybody who is injured. I think you are putting post-event facts into this particular context, so the … I can’t speak for the Search Committee, Search Committee hasn’t met since 27 May, I can only speak as a Council Member, the events that happened since the Search Committee’s paper was written on 27 May, there have been many things written and said, a lot of opinions, I prefer to stick to the facts. And the facts that the Committee has to consider were the qualification and suitability for the post. I’ve already said at the start of the meeting that it’s my view that whilst none of the outcomes are attractive, to my mind, there will be less damage done for the University by the acceptance of the nomination and become a......projection.

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