三年了,你己離開我們三年了 !

夜闌靜 問有誰共鳴 ?


Body Parts Enlargement Corporation

I tried not to laugh when I first saw this comic picture but couldn't.


Windows OneCare

Not many people can have the time and knowledge to handle security issue on their PCs. The good news to these users is that Microsoft will soon launch the Windows OneCare service which includes anti-viruses, anti-spayware and basic firewall proctection. The bad news is it is a subscription service, up to USD$49 per year for three PCs.

I am keen to try but currently OneCare only supports the English language OS.



如果大家這幾天坐車經過窩打老道瑪利諾書院,一定會被校園盛開的杜鵑花所吸引。杜鵑花盛放的月份應該是 3月尾至4月頭,一般顏色有白色、紅色、粉紅色、橙色及紫色。,記憶中小弟曾經見過粉藍色杜鵑花,或許這些品種是人工培植。




Some people say "netcat" is the second most powerful networking tool, the first being "nmap". That is true.

Netcat can pick any TCP or UDP port for initiating a connection to any host. This way, it acts as a powerful network client. With multiple IP addresses binded to a host, we are free to choose which IP address to use for inbound and outbound connections. When the listen mode (-l) is enable, it acts as a server.

I should have practsied netcat a long time ago. Can't recall why I miss the opportunity to play around with netcat.


Email spider

I played the trial version of Email Spider from http://www.emailsmartz.com. I must emphasize that I am not a spammer, but I am interested to have a look on how email spider operate. Within the first 30 minutes of scanning a famous directory web site, the spider successfully got over 3000 email addresses. The maximum that it could captured within a single URL is about 45000 email address. This limit seems ok as there will not be any single URL that contains such a large number of email address.


HELIX Forensic Toolkit

The open source community has recently offered a surprisingly powerful Helix forensic toolkit to network administrators and enforcement agencies. The whole toolkit is on a live Linux CD. It is developed from Knoppix.

I started to download the iso image tonight (712 MB). I should be able to have a forensic toolkit early tomorrow.



公 民黨昨日成立,現時有六位立法會議員座陣,包括余若薇、張超雄、吳靄儀、湯家驊、梁家傑、譚香文。公民黨最特別之處是以毛孟靜作發言人,毛小姐精通公關及 傳媒技略,得毛小姐相助像如虎添翼,真不愧為非常勁秋的政黨。公民黨楊言會參與所有選舉活動,並期望成為執政黨,不排除派員參加香港行政長官選舉。



Last day for bodycombat 27

Today is the last day for bodycombat 27. Afterwards, combat classes will be back to normal and trainers are free to pick their favorite tracks. As far as I know, the video for combat 28 is now being filmed by Les Mills. We expect combat 28 to be launched in the 1st week of June.

I counted that altogether I attended 15 classes in the past 14 days, wooo, slightly more than one class a day. Here below is my record:



官場盛傳,肥龍 (許士仁)任期只會到 2007年中,看目前形勢,下屆特首仍是曾蔭權,那麼,誰將會是下任政務司長。其實答案淺而易見,這人選將會是曾俊華,大家不妨拭目以代。



九鐵兵變事件終於曲終人散,雖則 2名高層被鈔,但幕後黑手仍逍遙法外。

事件對打工仔有何啟示呢 ? 在出現企業高層鬥爭時,員工是不宜胡亂表態支持某一方,否則會被秋後算賬。緊記 緊記


Yet another cousin domain

The URL link of the phishing email below uses a cousin domain "citiblank.com" to disguise "citibank.com". To find this out, you have to place the mouse in the URL link them you will discover the actual domain path is redirected to "citiblank.com". This tactic will go on continuously. I am afraid that after some time, Citibank will not be able to send genuine email notice to its customers as they will treat all emails from Citibank as phishing fraud.

Dear CitiBank customer,

We are looking forward to your assistance and understanding and inform you about new CitiBusiness department system updrade performed by security management team in order to protect our clients from increased online fraud activity, unauthorized account access, illegal funds withdrawal and also to simplify some processes.
The new updated technologies guaranty convenience and safety of CitiBusiness account usage. New services for your account will be effective immediately after an account confirmation process by a special system activation application.
To take an advantages of current updrade you should login your account by using CitiBusiness Online application. For the purpose please follow the reference:


Please note that changes in security system will be effective immediately after relogin.
Current message is created by our automatic dispatch system and could not be replyed. For the purpose of assistance, please use the "User Guide" reference of an original CitiBusiness website.
Sincerely yours,
CitiBusiness Administration.


A joke on spam filtering

I heard a funny story on spam filtering.

A corporation tried to deploy content filtering solution to reduce spam emails. One of the targetted keywords is "sex" since a large number of pornography spam emails contain the word "sex" in the message body. However, a nightmare occurred. All emails sent in for job applications were inadvertently filtered because in the CV part, the applicants need to tell their sex is male or female.

Good luck to those that rely on content filtering to fight spam !!


what is RPM

Les Mills International invented 7 category of body exercise, namely, Bodypump, Bodycombat, Bodybalance, Bodyjam, Bodyattack, Bodystep and RPM. I don't have difficulty to understand the former 6 category but what exactly is RPM. RPM is indoor cycling exercise just like the Schwin spinning class we have in California Fitness Center. RPM is the abbreviation of "Raw Power in Motion", a cool name indeed !


Forwarding email header

On last Friday, I was in a pulic anti-spam workshop. Some people asked how to forward spam mail to an ISP complaint account since clicking the forwarding button will just send the mail contents without the mail header. A clever guy working in the ISP industry said that in common mail clients such as Outlook or Outlook Expresee, forwarding as attachment will combine everything. Woo.... this is very useful and I need to remembe this technique from time to time.


second level country domain

I try to ask myself are there any standard names or rules and regulations for second level sub-domains under country code domain such as .hk, .cn and .uk. Seems like the authorities of ccTLD can decide this matter on their own. I notice that Korea uses ".or.kr" to replace ".org" for organizations while UK just uses ".co.uk" instead of ".com.uk" for companies. As for Hong Kong, we have "idv.hk" which stands for individual.

Recently, the UK ccTLD has rejected the sub-domain ".scot.uk" which is to represent Scottish registered organizations. I personally think the resource required is not so much and the proposal should be supported. Hmmm.....there might political considerations behind the scene.


Notice of Jury Service

I received a letter from High Court telling me that my name will be placed in the list of jurors. To fulfill my civic duty, I will not have any objection to serve as a juror just in case I am needed. But this sounds a bit funny or perhaps odd to me. I should have been listed some ten or twenty years ago. What's wrong with my personal records in government registries ?


Body Combat 27 again

I attended two combat 27 classese today, one in morning and one in afternoon. In the afternoon, Yvonne launched her class at Wan Chai. Guess how many trainers were teaching together, yeah .. five, Yvonne, Paul, Jeremy, Sunny and Martial. The floor was so wet that after the 6 track, I had to dry the floor whenever there was a short break.

After 3 classes, I think I could follow almost 95 % of the body actions and movements.

Apart from "So what" which is the default Muay Thai track, there is another special one named "Bad and Sexy". This is a recovery track. The background musc, beat and rhythm are wonderful.

From a web site in Sweden, I got a list of tracks in bodycombat 27 :

1. Shake that - Scooter
2. Bom bom suenan - Freddy Fader meets Locana
3. Out in the fields - Heavy dance
4. Genie in a bottle - Speedway
5. Tribal dance - 2 unlimited
6. Saturday night's alright for fighting - Dynamix
7. Bad & sexy - Balloon
8. So what - Independence day
9. Neck breaker - Plus system
10. I believe in a thing called love - The darkness
11. When love & hate collide - Def Leppard


Body Combat 27

I tried body combat 27 today at Whampao. The class was supposed to be led by Martial and Jermey and it was nice to see Paul and Roger as guest trainers. Of course, the launch class today attracted a large group of people. At the end of the class, people seemed satisfied and smiling, looked like they had got something new.

I think body combat 27 is very exhausting for the 1st and 2nd time. I believe once I have been familiar with the body movement and pattern, it wouldn't be difficult for me to follow. The Muay Thai part is quite special; bend down the body and punch on the floor hardly. The track is also wonderful, at the start, a male voice shouting out "so what.. so what and so what" again. I guess the track might just be called "so what". I am interested to check it out.


Yahoo and AOL impose email stamp

I want to condemn AOL and Yahoo for forcing other companies to buy electronic stamp if they want their emails to be delivered to AOL or Yahoo users. This drastic action/measure is aimed at collecting revenue. No doubt it impedes the free flow of information to the cyberworld.

If my email service provider tries to impose email stamp, I would stop asking people to send emails to me. As an alternative, I will set up a web page for people to type in their messages to me and the messages could only be read by me.


Launch of .hk Chinese Domain Name

HKIRC has announced that .hk Chinese Domain Names (CDN) will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2006. Seven categories are opened for registration; 公司.hk, 網絡.hk, 組織.hk, 政府.hk,教育.hk and 個人.hk. I don't see the need to delay to the 3rd quarter of this year. I had participated with the 6-month trial of the Chinese Domain Names and the system operated smoothly without a single minor technical fault.

If CDNs are still charged at HK$200, it will not be competitive as currently .com domain names are only charged at US$8.9 per year.