No IE9 for Windows XP

My son wanted to use IE9 on his Windows XP desktop PC. I told him that this could not be done.

Isn't it fair ? Microsoft does not offer IE 9 for XP. I have tried IE9 on Windows 7. It is fast and has a good performance in loading grpahics and gives a very streamlined operation in tabbed browsing.

Frankly, we do not have many choice. IE 8 is buggy. Firefox now only gets bigger but also gets slower. Chrome has a cache problem especially when I post comments on other people's status on facebook. I urge Microsoft to re-consider developing an IE 9 version for current XP users.

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Alo said...

IE9 actually takes advantage of the security features in Windows7, so it's doubtful that it will ever be available for Windows XP.