web-based v6 email autoreply tool

My v6 email autoreply tool has been working since Feb 2010.  Network administrators can use an email client to send an email to autoreply@v6-mail.com and my system v6-mail.com will initiate an autoreply process to test if the v6 SMTP server can handle v6 email transactions properly.

Based on my past experience, I have further developed a web-based tool with similar function at http://www.v6-mail.com/. The website is accessible by IPv6 only.  Visitors can type the v6 email address  under test together with their  names, subject and the message content.  Afterward, they have to type an verification code displayed in the screen to prove that the visitors are not automated scripts.  Once the send button is kicked, they will receive an v6 autoreply email.

I should have developed this tool a bit earler. Sorry for my laziness.

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