RFC 6106 - IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration

RFC 6106 has become my best favorite RFC in the last 12 months. Four years ago, when I first learnt IPv6, I knew for sure that Stateless Automatic Address Configuration can assign IPv6 addresses to clients but what about the assignment of DNS resolvers. Without DNS resolvers, SLACC is useless as no one can remember IPv6 addresses. RFC 6106 helps to strengthen the capability of SLACC by allowing DNS configuration.

In Linux, RADVD can have fully function of SLACC plus RDNSS. Just look at the following few lines in the config file :

interface name {

          list of interface specific options
          list of prefix definitions
          list of clients (IPv6 addresses) to advertise to
          list of route definitions
          list of RDNSS definitions

RDNSS ip [ip] [ip] {
     list of rdnss specific options

Just wonder if I have the time to configue one set of RADVD with RDNSS and then test the allocation of prefix and DNS resolvers to Windows 7 machines.


Revellion said...

Shamefully Win Vista/7 clients doesn't pick up on the RDNSS announcement. only Linux does so far that i have tested using either rdnssd or NetworkManager.

Win Vista/7 only grab theirs from DHCPv6 so far which is a real shame. since i see RADVD based config probably being the standard for Home/SOHO Setups. and most other setups that don't carry need for something DHCPv6 can do.

warrenkwok said...

Hi Revellion, Thanks for the comments. In that case, I have to use a Linux client to interact with RADVD.