.hk SOA Serial Number

I noticed that the SOA serial number of TLD .hk on 11 July has the format of 2071521800 whereas that record on 1 June 2011 was 2071506233. The increment was 15567.  My guess is that from 1 June 2011 to 11 July 2011, there have been 15,567 changes made in the .hk records including new domain additions, deletions and change of glue records etc. So long as the SOA serial number has a higher value than its previous one, it is possible for a primary server to update secondary servers.

Usually, some TLDs (example .se) prefer to use the yyyymmddss format like 2011071103 or the Unix time format like 1310367702 (example .com and .net) which can be readily translated back to 11 July 2011, 7 hours 3 min and 12 seconds.

It will be an interesting task to study if SOA serial number format adopted by .hk could yield technical and/or operational merits as compared to other traditional formats.

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