An ISP uses 6to4 tunnel to serve as v6 DNS resolver

Strange ! WTT has rolled out native IPv6 service but it  does not want to feed native IPv6 connection to its own dual-stack resolvers but uses 6to4 tunnels for serving as v6 DNS resolvers.  I have the chance to read WTT's  IPv6 configuration guide and notice that for static configuration, users have to input the DNS resolver as "2002:d596:2a92:1:71:53::". This is a 6to4 tunnel address.  Why not hook up the DNS resolver to its own native IPv6 link. 

The extra path to a 6to4 gateway introduces delay and there is no acceptable guarantee of service. Bearing in mind the WTT 200M native IPv6 service is for corporate users, how comes WTT offers a lower class service for not providing truly v4/v6 DNS resolvers.

I think ISPs in Hong Kong should be careful not to rely on tunnels as part of its native v6 service


Anonymous said...

how to tell one is 6to4 tunnel address? thanks.

warrenkwok said...

2002::/16 is allocated 6to4 usage. In short, any IPv6 address with 2002 is 6to4 address.

Anonymous said...

I visit your website every working day and learn a lot :)