laptop with two display cards

My son intended to buy a Sony VAIO SB25 laptop.  Strange, it comes with two display cards; AMD Radeon HD 6470M and Intel HD Graphics 3000 card.  According to the website, the former display card shall be used to play 3D games in speed mode while the latter is for viewing in stamina mode for ordinary applications such as word processing or browsing web content.  The fact is that the Radeon display card consumes a lot of power and it would make the battery running out faster.  The use of an Intel card will help to preserve the battery capacity.  However, the end user needs to press a button in order to switch mode.  Then come my question : can the laptop be designed to auto switch from one mode to the other ?   

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Alo said...

It should auto-switch if the graphic card switching drivers are called. Nvidia's is called Optimus. I don't know what the Radeon version of that is.