Europe ran out of IPv4 addresses

Europe has run out of IPv4 addresses, that was announced by RIPE on 14 September 2012.  That is a good news.  In the lack of IPv4 addresses, ISPs, mobile operators and large corporations will think seriously about  IPv6 deployment in order to sustain their future business plans.  This will drive the growth of IPv6.

In fact, in Asia Pacific region, we have no more IPv4 addresses since 15 April 2011.

I am a keen supporter of IPv6.  All my emails to gmail users are sent over IPv6 channel everyday.


Kristoffer Tångfelt said...

Indeed good news :).

Might be just the thing to once again remind ISPs and MAN operators in Europe to push ahead their IPv6 support plans.

Anonymous said...

Warren, should be " in the lack of IPv4 address ", Rolex.

warrenkwok said...

Changed. Thanks, Rolex.