Kaspersky AV sucks

I did not use my notebook for almost a week.  When I opened it last night, Kaspersky AV prompted me to update AV database.  Oh shit, the accumulated new AV signatures took up a file size of 9534KB and my notebook was downloading at 22KB/sec.  It would take me 433 seconds to complete the process. I have used Trend Micro Tatanium and such trouble does not exist.

We are now living in a cloud-based computing era.  By now, AV protection should all be cloud-based and there is no need for users to regularly download AV signatures.  I have decided to uninstall Kaspersky.


Steve Cardus said...

i have seen this on every customer that chooses to use kaspersky, it takes ages to download updates even on a 10gb MPLS. i prefer AVG and that is what we now sell to clients at work as it just works, small foot print on the pc/server, and fantastic central administration in an active directory environment.

P.S. AVG give free upgrade to the latest version unlike other vendors.

warrenkwok said...

Your comments are noted. I am a die hard fan of Trend Micro. Sorry that I do not take your advice to switch to AVG.

Steven Cardus said...

fair enough, its al preferance at the end of the day. i have encounter problems with trend micro where if a server has had another AV installed, and you completely remove it and install trend it has problems, but in you install trend on a "virgin" server it works great. great blog anyway some interesting topics.